Finer Opportunities for the Greater Home Cleaning for You

Many workers like to have a help in the household. Not surprising: it is also wonderful to come home after a long working day in a bright clean interior.Since a few years you do not have to worry about the Tax Authorities tapping you when you hire a worker.

If you hire home help for a maximum of three days per week, such as a cleaning lady or a nanny, you do not have to file a wage tax return and also pay wage tax and employee insurance premiums, as stipulated in the in-house services scheme. As a result, the worker is also not insured against incapacity for work or unemployment. With the good at home cleaning services now you will be able to have the perfect option now.

Holiday allowance cleaning lady

But that arrangement does not absolve you of all your duties. Formally, you must pay at least the minimum wage. The amount depends on the age of the cleaner. On top of that comes another 8 percent vacation allowance, which you can pay out once or can settle in the agreed hourly rate.


If you fail to do so, according to trade unionist, the cleaning lady can claim overdue payments retroactively over a period of five years. Because even if you have not drawn up an employment contract, it is formally an employment contract. After all, there is a relationship of authority.

White worker organization

If you do not want this hassle, you can hire a professional organization that will arrange for you a worker. This help is in the service of the organization. This means that you do not have to pay if your cleaning lady is ill or goes on holiday.

Self-recruiting cleaning lady

Who wants to be cheaper, can pick up and pay for a cleaning lady herself? The easiest way to find a good, reliable power is to make inquiries with friends and neighbors. You can also hang up a note in the supermarket or scan advertising sites as Marketplace, but you are not sure who will get you. At the company you can view customer reviews, although you can not see who wrote it.

Mediation agency

If you want help in your search, you can call on a mediation agency. They exchange addresses from employers against payment.

Screening cleaning lady

Take a good look at which services you receive: do you only get access to a database or does the organization itself make contact? Also inform how an organization screens candidates. If everyone who logs in is included in a database, you might as well find a maid through an advertisement site.

Home Works reports on request that she screens assistants by interviewing job interviews and checking references. A statement about the behavior which is only provided to people who have not been convicted does not request this organization.